Code of conduct

Be courteous

Treat other participants in this blog and myself online as you would in person. Respect my boundaries, beliefs, and opinions. Keep things civil—we all share at least one common goal – to discuss how humanity will live the next couple of decades. Whatever our differences, it is easier to work together toward this goal if we are polite to one another. I recognize that there are often strong feelings about issues I discuss here; but while I encourage honest and passionate debate, I will not stand for misplaced or ad hominem attacks.

If you disagree, do so respectfully

Attempt to resolve miscommunications or conflicts that arise in the forums directly with whomever is involved, rather than attacking them publicly in the forums or on your or other public blogs. If you are offended by something someone has written, explain to them privately why you are offended and allow them a chance to make amends or to explain themselves in return.

If a problem arises on the blog and you choose to respond publicly, do so in a way that addresses the problem directly without escalating personal conflicts.

If you find that someone is unreceptive to your complaint, tell me. If s/he agrees that what they’ve posted is unacceptable, I will ask them to remove it themselves and explain their decision.

Take responsibility for what you post

Post what you know to be factual and accurately representative in any given situation.

Do not post anything that:

  • slanders, defames, threatens, or harasses another person;
  • is bigoted, pornographic, hateful, racist, sexist, intolerant, or excessively vulgar;
  • compromises the confidentiality of the forums or your fellow bloggers’ privacy;

I reserve the right to remove any content that does not comply with the above guidelines.