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rudolf-huber.com is owned and operated by Rudolf Huberan individual living in Vienna (Austria).

Rudolf Huber provides consulting and educational services to the energy industry with the aim to raise awareness on the possibilities of LNG as a vehicle and micro generation fuel and of methane as the most important molecular compound storing chemical energy for the future of mankind.

Rudolf Huber is located at Klöpfergasse 57, 1220 Vienna, AUSTRIA.

Rudolf gives speeches and presentations and wants to convince industrial players and the broader population of the advantages of LNG as a fuel. He also actively lobbies for the establishment of regulations and rules that facilitate the establishment and operation of LNG for fuel infrastructure and the storage and transport of LNG by land, water and air.

Part of the lobbying process is informing policy makers and the general public about current issues in the LNG world in opinion pieces and through his blog on his various websites. Rudolf adopts a pro LNG stance versus other fuels such as diesel and kerosene as it burns cleaner and is generally cheaper.

Principal: Rudolf Huber (100% owned)

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