Why I do this

Wanna throw egg? I can take it ...

Wanna throw egg? I can take it …

Its about time for me to submit my ideas to public scrutiny.

I love writing and I have the feeling that my ides get sharper, more refined and way more detailed when I write them down. Besides, it gives me a trace of what my thinking at some point in my life when I read up on it later in life. Call it some sort of diary.

But the best of all, for the first time I have the oppotunity to get what matters most – feedback from the world. Each and everyone lives in his little bubble (trust me, the internet and Social media and smartphones did nothing to alter that. We communicate more and more with people but the internet renders distance irrelevant so we tend to gather more people with the similar mindsets around us.

Blogging is a way to pop this bubble around me (yes I am victim to the same mechanisms that beset all people).

My ideas are wide open for each and everyone to read up, have an opinion and even shot something back my way. Its this interaction that gives me hints clues and a new idea from time to time. All that for some criticism I get sometimes. Thats a good price to pay for me.