About me

profile-picEvery classroom knows him, the nerd who seems not to be interested in the worldly endeavours of the other kids, does not go to soccer games, collects stamps or some other stuff other kids find boring and who know all countries with their capitals at the age of 8.

I was that kid! But I wasn’t a “know it all” as I was shy and retracted and my scholarly pursuits were not graced with stellar grades. Because often I prefered to dream of a future world instead of churning the facts of this world.

Only later Iin life I discovered the value of a solid foundation which is why I went to law school at the age of 28, when others were already full lawyers for some years. I did this at a place that was not my home and in a language I did not even speak well when I entered law school.

Technology puts the universe to my fingertips as the internet proved to be a treasure trove for a hungry mind like mine.

And I puzzled and questionned and slowly, my own version of what I thought the future would be emerged in my mind. Instead of dreaming on all for myself to never give my ideas shape I had decided to throw it all to you, the world in order to sit and take judgement. Judgement on my version of the future. As I am sure, you will bring something new to me that I could not have imagined. As you always have.